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At first,'s mission was to shake up the rules of dating. Now, we are seeking to ensure that our members connect with confidence both professionally and emotionally, and even for friendship.

Meet™ is the first platform for elites and professionals to meet.
We started with the idea that influencers and talents needed a platform designed especially for them. A place where they could broaden their circle of friends and find new opportunities.

Meet, the new generation of meeting & networking

Meet for Meetings

On Meet, it is women who make the first step. We are here to revolutionize the rules of dating by promoting equality and respect, the fundamental values of any relationship.

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Meet for Professionals

New career opportunities are available to you as you expand your professional network. offers business networking, a way to sell your profile by breaking the often formal barriers of first contact through a screen.

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Meet to make new friends

Whether you are new to the city or looking to make new friends, is the best way to expand your circle of friends.

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Our Vision

Meet™ is the open platform that allows its members to become the best versions of themselves. We grow with them and help them get out of their comfort zone and do more than they ever thought possible. Meet™’s positive and inspiring community encourages its members to network, guide and help each other.

Meet™ : A Global Meeting & Networking Community. Build your professional network.

Better yet, is completely free and we intend to keep it free. We do not campaign and we do not represent talent. We simply let everyone show themselves and find each other.

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